HI Automated Email Marketing

Easily Follow Up With Realtors

to Grow Your Business...

Do you want...

  • More realtors referring your company
  • More clients booking inspections
  • More realtors working with your company again and again
  • More relationships with top producing agents
  • More time to spend with family while growing your business

Build relationships with realtors that will refer you to clients...

Top Of Mind Campaigns will automate the process of building relationships with realtors to get them referring your company to their clients and other realtors.

 HI Automated Email Marketing

  1. Welcome realtors to let them know how you can help their clients
  2. Send valuable and helpful information to get them referring you
  3. Make it easy to follow up after events or sponsorships to build the relationship
  4. Track realtor transactions and acknowledge top agents that refer you to clients
  5. Easily market to realtors after inspections to get more inspections!

HI Automated Email Marketing

"To grow my business, I had to learn how to build relationships

with realtors in a way that they would connect with my company." 

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What should I expect when signing up?

We work with you to design and create the campaigns that represent your company. After you sign up, we will give you the tools you need, access to multiple email templates, custom brand articles and develop you strategy to get more inspections. We get your account set up right away to start working for you. Now you can build relationships with agents that will lead to more inspections.

We help you learn how to make changes to your account, so you will have full control and can make changes and updates as your company grows.

Have Questions?

We want to help your business be as successful as possible and we are here for any questions you have.

Visit our 'Contact Us' page and fill out our 'Learn More' form to schedule a one on one meeting with us.

We are happy to set up a discovery call to show you what Top Of Mind Campaigns can do for you.

HI Automated Email Marketing

What Can Top Of Mind Campaigns Do For You?

  • Build relationships with less effort.
    We integrate with ISN, Spectora, NxtInspekt and many other CRM's to automatically send contact information to Top of Mind Campaigns, so you will never have to manually export information or forget to send emails.
  • Get new agents contacting you. 
    The law of reciprocity, by focusing on giving these new agents value, the agents will be contacting you to book more inspections.
  • Keep building relationships with agents while you are with clients. 
    We keep you Top Of Mind with your agents, so they are only thinking of you when their clients are in need of an inspection or when other realtors ask for a referral.

HI Automated Email Marketing

HI Automated Email Marketing

We can help you...

Automate your follow up process to stay Top Of Mind with agents!

Build relationships with new agents to get more inspections!

Bring value to others that will lead to more inspections!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We guarantee you will see an increase in inspection that will exceed the cost of your account in 6 months. If you use the service and it does not get more agents referring you to home buyers, we will gladly give your money back.

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